International Money Transfer

International Money Transfer And Electronic Money Transfer 

The UAE has become one of the world’s most important tourist and trade destinations. Remitr allows money transfer online to India and various locations across the world for people living in UAE for jobs. With Remitr:
– You get an easy reference for the purchase and sale of foreign currencies through our partners
– You get the facility of international money transfer online to India
Our service has been built up with a thought to cater to the requirements of our individual remittance customers.
We aim at providing ease and comfort to your daily business dealings by offering the best facility for electronic money transfer online. India is one of the major countries from where people migrate to the UAE for jobs and need international money transfer service. Our services also include our preparedness to accept money transfer requirements and our ability to give you options of the currency you wish to send in exchange.
Our customers receive best of the express money transfer services by virtue of our wide network and goodwill. Our strong association with leading exchange houses and money transfer operators warrants incredible services for customers. The robust network also ensures:
– The best exchange rates for foreign currency buyers
– A hassle-free money transfer online to India for those who are working away from home
Remitr guarantees a personalized touch to your objective of international money transfer online. A personalized service also means allowing you a lot of time to focus on your main business.

Money Transfer Bank to Bank

Remitr, over the brief span of its existence in the market, has established crucial relationships with our business partners in UAE. Equipped with these strong and useful tie-ups, we promise to facilitate reliable bank to bank money transfer to our customers. With this service, express money transfers can be made between any two banks. Express transfer facility allows you instant money transfer online, anytime, anywhere.
Our bank to bank money transfer has proved to be of great advantage, especially for Indian customers working in the UAE. Our service enables them to transfer money online from any bank by simply doing a local bank transfer, enabling them to perform real-time transfer of money. This can be done online from the comfort of your home or office through the web, or through your bank’s money transfer app.

Money Transfer Bank To Bank And Money Transfer Online India 

The features Remitr offers give you a lot of flexibility. So those Indians who are living in UAE can make online money transfer to their families in India without hassles.
Along with seamless processes, the most important thing that our services provide you with is security. Whether you are living in India or abroad, you can safely make money transfers online to your relatives and dear ones anywhere across the globe.
Our partnership with numerous institutions world over makes it possible for us to connect with and be accessible to a broad spectrum of customers. We have a wide network that links with the banking web across the entire expanse of the globe. Our penetration into the banking institutions, coupled with updated technology, guarantees fast and safe money transfer to the beneficiaries of our customers.

Express Money Transfer

Express Money Transfer And Electronic Money Transfer

Remitr offers its customers a unique platform for express money transfer that is totally secure. Now use Remitr services to transfer money to any bank account online. This will save you a lot of time, as:
– You do not have to remain watchful about the banking hours as this can be done 24X7
– Can be done even on holidays and Sundays
– Our express money transfer feature allows you money transfer from bank to bank locally within UAE for your international money transfer.
Whether it is a migrant worker, or an Indian student studying abroad, anyone can now perform online money transfer to send money or receive it easily and instantly.