Mobile Money Transfer Service

Mobile Money Transfer And Mobile Money Transfer Service

Mobile money transfer is available for Remitr users in several countries. This facility lets users send and receive money electronically through their mobile phone. The method is easy and safe, and so mobile money transfer service has become a prevalent alternative to transferring forex through banks and doing remittance through banks. The specialty of this service is that it can be used to transfer money on a smartphone.
The mobile money transfer app uses your mobile phone number as the common link between you and your bank account. It provides the user a menu from which the user selects the relevant option in order to send money. The whole operation of mobile money transfer is as simple, quick and easy as sending a text message.
Remitr sets international money transfers free of its complexities. You can now use your smartphone or tablet to make foreign exchange remittance payments from Dubai and UAE and anytime, anywhere.

Money Transfer App

Money Transfer App Facilitates Instant Money Transfer

Money transfer app has come as the best and the easiest way to send money from one person’s bank account to the other. Remitr money transfer app allows you to send or receive money from your mobile phone from wherever you are in the world.
Use Remitr app to not just transfer money overseas with a few clicks, but also track your transactions on your smartphone. Now, Remitr money transfer app is not just easy and quick, but safe too. It reduces all the risks of a transaction when you send or receive money across the border.
We maintain a digital record of all your transactions to help you keep a tab on the transaction status track the movement of your money, making the whole process transparent for you. The Remitr app thus connects you to your mobile money transfer in a simple way. Call it the instant money transfer app, as through this, you can transfer money barely in seconds.

Instant Money Transfer

Now sending money to your family or dear ones anywhere across the world becomes fast and hassle-free. We call this a system of instant money transfer because account payouts from UAE to various other countries are done within minutes. To make this possible, we have made sure to bring together the best money transfer providers.
Count on us each and every day to get your money moved from account to account quickly and in a secure way.