Currency Exchange Service


The foreign exchange market is a global platform for trading – buying and selling — of currencies at current or determined prices.Being the largest market in the world, with enormous trade volumes, the participants are giant international banks as well. Big financial centers across the world are the anchors for a wide array of buying and selling that go on around the clock. The simple currency exchange service provided to foreign destination workers has such a huge functioning going on behind the scenes.

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The market for foreign exchange operates on several levels as it works through various financial institutions. These financial institutions involve lesser financial firms which actively take up foreign exchange trading in huge volumes. These smaller firms or foreign exchange dealers are either banks, insurance companies, and similar financial firms. The currency exchange services are enabled by the foreign exchange trade, which thus is aiding the international commerce.
A simple way to describe foreign exchange transaction is purchasing one currency by paying another currency in the proportionate quantity.
Remitr is the first of its kind currency exchange or online money transfer service that offers online booking of private remittance order through its mobile app.You can order online currency exchange in Dubai and have it delivered to your recipient’s bank account in India, Sri Lanka and Philippines.You can also order the forex online, after checking the UAE currency exchange rate, and get it delivered to your family members overseas. Equipped with a set of innovative features, Remitr presents a unique combination of technology, widespread network, and an excellent customer support to assist our customers in their effort to get the best currency exchange and best currency rate in Dubai.

UAE Exchange Currency Rate Uses

UAE Exchange Currency Rate 

• Get the best of Dubai currency exchange rates available in the market
• Rates updated in the real-time, and with total transparency
• No surprises or hidden costs. Book forex at the rates, exactly as they are shown on the app.
Send your money online, directly, without the risk of exposure to deceptive exchangers doing money exchange in UAE.
• Get 24X7 online updates of UAE exchange currency rates

Currency Exchange in Dubai

On a daily basis, a nation’s currency price gets stronger or weaker against the price of another nation. Outwardly, that may not mean anything for people not involved in the forex market trade, but these changes in the currency price do make a difference to the entire nation. The currency exchange in Dubai, for instance, gets impacted by import-export and travel.
If you are planning a vacation abroad, then before you choose your location and book it, you also need to check the latest currency conversion. The value of the currency can change dramatically with changing time. However, such currency movements can also be leveraged to mitigate risks, especially by businessmen and investors. Remitr simplifies the process of currency exchange in Dubai for business owners by providing them live updates of the currency value.