With Remitr platform, it is extremely easy to register your business online & make bulk or individual business payments.


We understand the importance of delivery of funds in time to your recipient, more so in the hyper-competitive Global Trade scenario.

Easy to Monitor

Our powerful MIS & Monitoring tool puts you in control of your business always, even when you are on the move.


Simplified processes

Remitr, provides easy and quick on-boarding process for yourself as well as for your vendors across  various geographies. Previously provided information does not have to be filled repetitively – it’s available at the click of a button.

Built-in controls

Remitr has built in access levels and controls which give you the flexibility to assign “maker/checker / rover” rights to the relevant team members in your business. You get the highest possible authenticity of all your transfers.


Remitr takes extra efforts to ensure that your financial information and all business information is well protected at all times. We are in the business of financial services and we take our responsibility of your data very seriously.

24 x 7 Support

Personalised support is available at all times to help you with all your queries. At Remitr, we understand the customer and value your relationship with us at all times – we are proud to walk the talk with you.


Remitr facilitates seamless customer on-boarding.

Create your account

Provide Recipient bank details


Check live exchange rate

Enter the amount to transfer



Click to transfer money.



Remitr solution for Business Payments is Effortless, Fast and offers extremely competitive pricing to make your Business payments easy and cost-effective.

We ensure to provide you with powerful MIS and monitoring tools to control your business payments even when you are on the move.

Our state-of-the-art technology to bring efficiencies and automation to save costs and  optimize your savings every time you make a transfer.


Remitr is a proud member of the in5 Innovation Center.

Remitr App – download for free.



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