Remitr understands that when your business operates in multiple geographies, foreign exchange fluctuations can raise your company’s expenses, reduce your profits and make accurate long-term planning a challenge.

Our foreign exchange specialists take the time to understand your unique business requirements, so that we can accurately assess your current foreign exchange processes and recommend a solution that meets your goals.

Our outgoing payments solution will help your company

Streamline processes

One easy file upload provides your company with a template and process for all incoming, outgoing, domestic and international transactions.

Reduce cost and errors

Our enrolment program allows your vendors to manage their own information, including bank account details, helping to ensure accurate and timely payments.

Improve your risk management

Our dedicated specialists, along with our market reporting services, will help you by utilizing a number of cash and risk management tools to implement a suitable strategy that will reduce your risk and protect your bottom line.


Offering clients the ability to send you payments in their local currency can help your company gain a competitive edge in foreign markets by simplifying the payment process and making it more convenient to conduct business with you.

Our incoming payment solutions can help streamline your accounts receivables process by allowing you to quickly and efficiently manage payments and provide reports and updates on payment status.

We offer two methods to receive and convert foreign funds into USD – incoming Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs) and Check Conversion services.



We accept EFTs into our worldwide network of correspondent bank accounts. Whether remitted from within your organization or from a third party, the procedure is simple and flexible.

With our Incoming EFT service, you retain control over the rate at which to convert the funds. The rate may be locked in before the funds arrive or once receipt of the funds is confirmed.

  • If you lock-in a rate before the funds are received: Once receipt of the funds is confirmed, the order is processed and your USD payment is issued the next business day.
  • If a rate is not locked-in at the time of the order: You will be provided the current rate of exchange by our representative when the funds are received. Should you choose to accept that rate, your USD payment is issued via check or domestic wire transfer. If you choose to wait (to a maximum of 90 days), we will inform you of favorable rates.


Remitr is trusted worldwide by businesses to effect bulk cross-border business payments. Businesses face challenges today to maintain large financial operations and infrastructure while rapidly increasing transactional volumes and manual processes result in escalating operational complexity and costs.

Remitr helps in streamlining the way your business sends bulk payments requiring multiple currencies to multiple countries.

We provide choice and flexibility for your business and beneficiaries, helping you free up valuable administrative resources.

Our bulk payment solutions will help your company:

Save on administration costs
Reallocate resources
Protect against currency risk
Access a global banking network
Send high volume payments

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